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The NAACP will remain stalwart in leading the change for social justice and equality for all.

Dr. Karen Hardin,
NAACP - Maricopa Country Branch

Dr. Karen Hardin

Proverbs: 29:18 guides us to understand that without a vision, we will not flourish. The guiding vision for the Maricopa County Branch of the NAACP has been to focus on inclusivity, foster a continued commitment to nurture the next generation of leaders -“Next-Gen,” and to form coalitions for progress. Where evolution resides, stagnation cannot thrive. To support this ideology, we have to change the way we think about change. We have continued to contribute to the legacy created by local civil rights pioneers and trailblazers by forging a path carved from heuristic wisdom, while being directed by inter-generational innovation. New times, occasion new methods to achieve success. The Branch has assessed the current challenges facing society and conceptualized innovative strategies to help catapult our constituents into a posture of success. Through the alliance of traditional action, supported by the invitation of new thought we will continue our effectiveness and realize sustainability as we address the ills of inequity that exist in our communities.

Evolution and stagnation are mutually exclusive, and the Maricopa County Branch of the NAACP will not fail the community by relenting or yielding to the status-quo. Our predecessors changed how they viewed the injustices and inequalities of their time, and made a difference. This fight rages on. The Maricopa County Branch strives to assist people in achieving their full potential and thriving in spite of the contemporary injustices that continue to plague our surroundings.

The NAACP will remain stalwart in leading the charge for social justice and equality for all. In the past 100 years the Branch has represented the underrepresented, provided help to the helpless, and a voice for the voiceless. And, as we prepare for the next 100 years it will be through continued collaboration with educational and faith-based institutions, and in partnership with our valuable socially conscious organizations that the Maricopa County Branch will continue to enact justice, embrace mercy and endorse humility as we endeavor to serve humanity.

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