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A Weekend Filled With Hope!

75, 000,000 plus people cheered on Saturday, November 7th when Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were announced as the President and Vice President Elect of the United States of America. For many, including me, this signaled a return to democracy, truth, honesty and working together to uphold the words in our country’s founding documents.

The message delivered by the Vice President and President elect on Saturday, gives us hope and restores our faith that the principles of equal opportunity and justice for all will return to be the norm for the nation. When the news outlets began reporting congratulatory remarks from prestigious former Presidents, such as, George W. Bush and other world leaders; this gives us hope that the United States will return to be the most revered country in the world.

Comments made by the incoming Commander in Chief, align with the mission and goals of the NAACP. Those goals are embedded in principles that promulgate justice and equality for all. Now we have a resurgence of hope in a country where every vote counts and all votes are counted; with an absence of malice void of voter suppression.

An equally important part of his acceptance speech was the statement that he will be the President for 71,000,000 plus folks who did not vote for him. President Elect Biden welcomed those with different viewpoints to join him in restoring a unified United States of America.

The concept of unity aligns with goals for the local branch of the NAACP by focusing on inclusiveness of all citizens interested in the good for all humankind. As President of the Maricopa County Branch, I will Continue to strive for collaborations and partnerships with intergenerational age groups, various faith-based organizations and multi-ethnic alliances.

Working together for better access to health care, advanced educational and economic opportunities for all citizens; we can build stronger cities, counties, and states to form a more perfect Union.

Karen Hardin, Ed.D. Branch President

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