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Statement Re: Ryan Whitaker – May 29, 2020

The Maricopa County Branch of the NAACP expresses regret in another life having been lost involving a police shooting. The “Branch” regrets the tragic result of an alleged domestic violence call to the house of Ryan Whitaker Thursday, May 21st in Ahwatukee. Our cares and concerns are for the Police Officers acting in the line of duty, as well as justice for the Whitaker Family. Realizing the extra stress and heightened tension imposed on everyone in light of the current pandemic, the “Branch” wishes that all officers go home safely each night, and citizens can be comfortable knowing they will receive help without losing their lives. We all want the same outcomes. In this particular situation, we encourage transparency in the investigation with swift and appropriate action. Most importantly, we advocate for constant safety and justice for all citizens.

Karen Hardin, Branch President

Princess Lucas-Wilson, Criminal Justice Committee Chair

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