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Memorial Day 2020: Remembering Those Who Served and Who Are Serving

On Memorial Day, May 25th, 2020 we traditionally remember those who served in the Armed Services and those who gave everything for the freedoms, we enjoy. Some history accounts attribute the origin of the Memorial Day celebration as starting with former slaves on May 1, 1865 in Charleston, SC when they honored 257 dead Union Soldiers. These Union soldiers were buried in a mass grave in a Confederate prison camp and accordingly, the former slaves dug up the bodies and worked to give them a proper burial as gratitude to the soldiers for fighting for their freedom. It is worthy that we celebrate today and remember the service men and women who died serving this country and we must not forget to remember those serving us today on the front-line fighting COVID-19.

As we enjoy the day and this long weekend, remember to pause and give an extra thank you for those who are making sacrifices to keep us safe; such as, our police officers, fire fighters, nurses, doctors and all 1st responders. Given these uncertain times caused by the pandemic, let us honor sheroes and heroes from the past and the present.

One method of honoring others is to follow recommendations outlined by the CDC and medical professionals so we can reduce the health risks this pandemic has caused. Think of others when you go out and wear your mask while practicing social distancing, Yes, we can! get through this together.

Be Safe and God Bless You,

Karen Hardin, Branch President

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